Board of Directors

Evangeline Funeral Home is owned by The Evangeline Funeral Cooperative Limited. A nine member board of directors is responsible for its operation.

The 2022 Board of Directors
PrésidentGilles PainchaudWellington
Vice President

TreasurerLeonard MacDonaldRichmond
SecretaryBernice ArsenaultMont-Carmel
Board DirectorEric ArsenaultAbram-Village
Board DirectorJeanette GallantWellington
Board DirectorDarlene GallantAbram-Village
Board DirectorViola ArsenaultWellington
Board DirectorJeannette GallantEgmont Bay

An annual meeting is held at the end February. A third of the board is elected each year for a three year term. A member may be elected for two consecutive terms. The president may serve for two terms.